About Us

About Us at People’s Tribute

People’s Tribute has been creating high quality, natural natural stone memorials, upright headstones, and memorial plaques for our customers since 2001. Our primary goal is to ensure that every customer is provided with a finished stone memorial they will be happy with and enjoy throughout their lifetime. Our natural stone remembrances will endure for many decades, even centuries. Thus we bring only the highest level of care and skill to the creation of each memorial and plaque so it will retain its timeless beauty and meaning.

Over the Years

We have expanded our stone source materials to include not only slate, but also sandstone, marble, and several other naturally shaped stone types. Slate continues to be the primary stone both we and our customers love and use the most, but we do our best to accommodate everyone’s vision, and keep these beautiful stone memorials affordable.

Each and Every Memorial Stone

Each stone is hand selected for shape, colour and unique beauty and examined carefully to be certain they are free from cracks or flaws. We work hard to provide each customer with the stone they want, not just what is easy for us to obtain. All of our stone is quarried right here in the UK, from several different stone sources north of Wales.

What we Offer

We offer our customers two methods to design their memorials. Firstly, our Design And Buy software is an easy and intuitive tool for designing a custom memorial and is always available right on our website. Simply choose stone type, size, shape and engraving, right from your computer, then place the order. Secondly, upon request, we will design a memorial stone for anyone who wishes our assistance. We always show each customer a mock up before the memorial is created.

Based in Suffolk

We have been based in Suffolk since 2010 (in Surrey before then) and we operate from a yard and our workshops, not a shop. We love to welcome visitors to come and see what stones we have on hand and watch us work. We do ask that you call for an appointment first because often we are not on the premises, but out on another stone hunt.

10,000’s of Memorial Stones Engraved

Over our years in operation we have created literally thousands of stone memorials and plaques for customers all over the UK. We invite you to look through our website (anchor text link here for home page) to see our different products, photos of work we have done in the past, explore our Design and Buy software, and perhaps even purchase a stone for yourself.

Contact Information

Please visit our contact us page for information how we can be contacted.